MySkills.Africa is a revolutionary forward-thinking developmental specialist company.   The MySkills.Africa on-line skills hub is supported and managed by three leading companies.

Having actively been in the learning and development space for over 25 years, we decided to create an opportunity for a greater reach of our exceptional programmes and to cater for ‘in-the-moment’ and technologically user-friendly learning.  Together with our passion for development, taking training to the next level and focusing on adult learning and ultimately how to offer a real return of your financial investment in yourself and in others, the MySkills.Africa On-Line Hub was created.

The foundation companies have extensive experience, starting in 1997, in formal and informal learning and development experience both nationally and internationally.



This vast skill set and deep real experience of learning, of education and of technology has enabled us offer a focused, relevant and very practical and interactive suite of skills modules that will have a positive impact on individual and organisational growth.

Our focus, our design and our offering is all about YOU the learner.

Our Skills Modules are designed with opportunities that assist you, the learner, to really understand the topic, practically learn the new techniques and skills and to even participate in an active way of learning on-line.  We have very carefully shifted from the traditional ‘passive’ on-line learning to a more engaging, active and participative way of learning using our revolutionary on-line skills hub.

Each Skills Module has been allocated an ‘hours of learning’ time.  This gives you, the learner, an idea of the typical number of hours required to complete whatever Skills Module you have selected.  Again, you, as the learner, have the choice to complete your selected Skills Module quicker or even longer. In other words, your learning pace is determined by you.