MySkills.Africa offers our corporate clients a range of offerings.  Our team is able to:

  • Customise and brand the on-line skills modules.  These modules would be selected by you, the client, and then customised and branded according to your specific needs, company culture and desired outcomes.  The content and application tasks would be aligned to the realities of your business, making the learner’s experience more relevant and real to their current place of work.
  • Generate reports and track progress
  • Include self-checks and progress checks
  • Create pre-requisites
  • A completion certificate and sign-off
  • The customisation of any assessments and application tasks
Package Access to complete the module Certification Progress and usage reports Completion reports with grades Individualised feedback report from tutor
Bronze Yes Yes
Silver Yes Yes Yes Yes
Gold Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Please contact us for pricing structures for corporate groups

Prices will vary based on number of learners and number of modules required