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Professional Trainers

As providers of solutions, immersive training experiences and expertly designed and facilitated programmes, we strive to offer our clients what they need in line with the personal goals, organisational strategy and desired outputs. We have infused MySkills.Africa with top quality expertise and experience. The underwriting companies, Dyad training and Maurice Lancaster & Associates have operated both nationally and internationally as learning specialist speakers, facilitator of workshops and as consultants. This formidable duo of companies have actively developed and upskilled corporate training departments, formal education institutions, facilitating strategic sessions, co-creating and designing development initiatives as well as running of public seminars and workshops. They have vast experience across different business sectors, operating at all levels from executive to your most junior employee. Their ability to add value and make a difference is a much sought after commodity. Represented nationally allowing a solid spread of services, support and consultation.


What you get

Our On-Line skills modules have been designed using outcomes based adult learning methodology, ensuring that the focus is on end results, with a strong practical and work / life place orientation.  Combined with sound theoretical models and concepts, we offer a learning solution that works!   We have also considered that we all learn differently – at different paces, using different medium, from visual, to audio and even hands-on – so we crafted a blended multi-dimensional learning solution!

All our skills modules are designed to ensure practice, application and ultimately behaviour shift.   We use the integrated approach of the 3 core mastery dimensions: self, others and business, critical in shaping and developing you to your full potential..  

With our association with a leading technological company, we are able to offer our learners with:

Relevant and best practice theory
Video and audio learning and Video and article links
Practical application tasks and templates
Opportunity for introspection and learning

Self-assessments and check points measuring your learning progress


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